Private function: Ayurveda & Women's Health Workshop - Belmont

Private function: Ayurveda & Women's Health Workshop - Belmont

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Date:  30 July 2022
Time:  3 - 5 pm
18 Northumberland Ave, Belmont, Auckland
Cost:    $59 

This is a private event for friends of Verity. Snacks, mulled wine and dhal will be provided.

The 'Ayurveda & Women’s Health' workshop is designed for women of all ages.  The ancient healing system of Ayurveda from India, offers a holistic approach which helps you - through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and Yoga therapy - to regain balance, energy, and quality of life. 

Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India offers a holistic approach which helps through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and Yoga therapy to regain balance, energy, and quality of life.

Living in harmony with your nature makes you healthier, happier and symptom-free, and allows you to pursue your creative and career passions more successfully and sustainably.

This workshop covers an introduction to the history, philosophy and basic principles of Ayurveda. A list of Ayurvedic lifestyle principles, self-administered treatments and herbal remedies for each constitution will be shared to alleviate symptoms and achieve optimal health.


"I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to all women. It's such an important area of women's health and we need to engage with the subject and understand it more. Sarita is an engaging speaker and the workshop gives lots of helpful information and advice. Book and go." Jane Evan, Pilates teacher at Re:ab, Auckland

"I thoroughly enjoyed attending one of Sarita’s Ayurveda Women’s Health workshops recently.  Sarita has a real depth of knowledge and a tangible passion for Ayurveda and the health benefits it can deliver.   Her workshop was informative and uplifting and I came away feeling much more energised and prepared for the years ahead.    Her suggestions around how to achieve a fuller sense of personal wellbeing are practical and easily incorporated into daily routines.  Sarita herself has a very approachable and warm-hearted manner that you makes you feel completely at ease and able to ask questions without any self-consciousness.   I will definitely be attending future Ayurveda workshops that Sarita holds and I will be recommending them to friends and family too." Danielle, Art Gallery consultant, Auckland

"I recently attended a workshop given by Sarita on menopause and ways of dealing with symptoms using ayurvedic principles. A huge amount of information was shared in the two hours, along with samples of herbs. I have used Ayurveda in the past, but it was so good to be guided back onto the path again!! A very worthwhile workshop. Following on from the workshop, I had a private consultation and found Sarita to be empathetic and ready to listen, and come up with practical solutions. A little bit of tough love was applied, but nothing I wasn't already aware of, and upon receipt of specific herbs I have found that my symptoms have abated considerably. I am so glad I had the consultation!" - Sandra, Wanaka

"I went to an ‘Ayurveda Women’s Health' workshop with Sarita and came away feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to make changes to my way of life. It was an interesting, informative and insightful evening on the Ayurveda philosophy of which I knew nothing about. Sarita's warm, positive and nurturing way made me want to book a private consultation with her straight away. 
I have since had that consultation and feel positive and enthusiastic about a healthier future. For me, it's not just about diet. It's the whole package - sleep, energy, skin, digestion... and essentially this is what Ayurveda is all about - it's a way of life that promotes healthy and happy living. I feel my treatment plan is totally achievable and look forward to making these gentle changes to my day to day living. In return I should have greater sleep, energy and healthier digestion. Thank you Sarita!”  Anna Porter, mum of three, Auckland

"I really enjoyed meeting Sarita when she was here in Wanaka. The workshop had a lot of great takeaways and was full of easy to understand information on women’s health and Ayurveda. I also had a consultation with Sarita while she was here. Sarita is personable, really easy to talk to and has a lot of knowledge in her field. The best thing is that the advice and takeaways she gives are easy to implement into your daily life straight away." -  Renee, Wanaka