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Yoga has been used as a medical system since ancient times. If practiced diligently it can be a life-changing experience and help to overcome many chronic and acute diseases.

Whether depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, tiredness, addiction to drugs or lower back pain, Yoga can help on the path of recovery. Research studies have shown that regular Yoga Therapy delivers significant improvements in many chronic illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, multiples sclerosis, and obesity. The regular practice of Yoga holds a long list of health benefits such as stress release, increased flexibility, improved balance, heightened cardiovascular conditioning, lower blood pressure, weight reduction, strengthening of bones, prevention of injuries, mood lift, improved immune function, increase in oxygen supply to the tissues, heightened sexual functioning and fulfillment, psychological equanimity, and spiritual growth.

Yoga Therapy is offered as an individual session incorporating breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asanas), and relaxation, specifically designed to address physical and mental health issues. A dosha specific sequence will be practiced under the guidance of a yoga therapist who will adjust the client and help to cultivate breath and body awareness.

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