We run regular Ayurveda workshops on women's health around New Zealand. 

Follow us on social media for updates about upcoming events.

If you would like us to come and share with your group or yoga class, please reach out.

PONSONBY NEWS Column: Ayurveda - The Art of Living Well
Following our interview last month with Ayurveda practitioner and yoga therapist Sarita Solvig Blankenburg, we are thrilled to bring Ayurveda into the homes of our community each issue with a regular column that will provide a forum for health questions, ... (read more)
The inside word on our Panchakarma Cleanse Retreat!
We love, love, love the reviews we have been given for the amazing retreat we held on Kauwau Island in Autumn. Thank you so much to everyone who came, contributed, and shared the experience! Some of our retreat guests also ... (read more)
Discover your Dosha - and why it matters!
An ancient healing system from India, Ayurveda supports your modern lifestyle with a holistic approach which combines diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and Yoga therapy to restore balance, energy, and quality of life. Ayurvedic wisdom encourages us all to take responsibility for our own health in alignment with different ... (read more)