Brahmi Jam- Ayurvedic Brain Tonic

Brahmi Jam- Ayurvedic Brain Tonic

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Brahmi Jam, classified as one of Ayurveda’s ‘Rasayanas’ (rejuvenators), is a delicious and nutritious brain tonic. Brahmi literally means energy or ‘shakti’ of Brahman, in Hindu universal consciousness. Its mind enhancing and nervous system soothing effects are legendary. 

All ingredients are certified organic:

Brahmi root (Bacopa monierra) Shankapushpi root (Evolvulus alsinoides)Cardamom (Elettaria cardamom), Honey, Jaggery, Ghee.

Dosage: Adults 1-2 teaspoons daily, children (minimum 8 years) 0.5 -1 teaspoons daily. Take 15 minutes before meal on an empty stomach preferably in the morning. 

Storage: Store in cool and dry place below 40 C out of direct sunlight. No refrigeration necessary. 

Quantity: 250g

Certified Organic

The LACON Organic certification process for Europe is extremely stringent which makes sure that all the raw materials are grown organically. While clarifying the hygienic conditions under which the products were manufactured and the strict protocols that were followed while preparing the authentic ayurvedic recipes, the certificate also ensures the quality in packaging methods, storage of raw materials and finished goods to prevent mixing with conventions that might also be used.

A special treatment method is used to prevent contamination. Sampling and analysis methods are used for checking purity of the products, While certifying plantations and farms, LACON looks at the field specification, the crops that are being grown, the crop cycles being followed, the quality of seeds used, the date of sowing and harvesting, the yield estimate per hectare – to name a few parameters that are taken into consideration.

All this precision ensures that when you buy a certified organic product, the consumers trust of the brand is never compromised.


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