Ponsonby News Speaks to Sarita

Talking to Sarita Solvig Blankenburg – a local Ayurveda Practitioner based in Grey Lynn

The original article appeared in Ponsonby News.

Born and raised in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall, Sarita started her career in IT and she worked for a multinational company in Munich, San Francisco and Hong Kong. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and how she got into Ayurveda.

"After a decade of climbing up the corporate ladder I was ready for a change and went to India for a year to study Yoga and Ayurveda. Fascinated by these ancient sciences, I decided to become a full time student again and completed a three-year course in Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga Therapy in New Zealand with internships in India. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and started my business Ayurveda New Zealand. Being a Freemans Bay local, I opened my clinic on Hepburn Street and recently moved to the Summerfield Villas in Grey Lynn to accommodate the business growth."

How would you explain Ayurveda to our readers?

Ayurveda, a sister science of Yoga, is an ancient holistic medical system from India with a history of over 5,000 years. Often referred to as the 'Mother of all Healing’, Ayurveda offers a unique range of treatments, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle principles, all targeted to regain and maintain health and wellbeing.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele includes all age groups, genders and ethnicities. When I first started Ayurveda New Zealand, my focus was on women's health, hence the majority of clients were female. Over the last 13 years my scope of practice expanded and now covers all sorts of health conditions from neurological diseases, autoimmune conditions, digestive concerns, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, the list goes on and on.

Today our clients come from all over New Zealand, lots of locals of course but clients also travel all the way from Hamilton, Tauranga or Northland to our clinic. We also offer online consultations for clients in the South Island or overseas. Our Indian clientele is growing fast and it's wonderful to see the reconnection with their roots through Ayurveda.

What do you offer at your Ayurveda New Zealand clinic?

At our clinic we offer Ayurvedic consultations to make a full assessment of a client’s health history and current symptoms. Based on the findings I develop a customised Ayurvedic treatment plan including diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic treatments and often Yoga Therapy.

Our experienced and qualified Ayurvedic therapist Natasha Kotlarevsky offers a number of treatments including Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Nasya, Garshana and Marma therapy. A strong focus in our clinic is Panchakarma, Ayurveda’s cleansing and purification therapy. Our 7 day Panchakarma program facilitates the removal of deep seated impurities and toxins which often are the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. It involves daily cleansing rituals, intake of herbal medicine, fasting, and treatments.

Tell us more about your Sattva Botanicals™ product range

Inspired by many of my female clients and their symptoms, I began with the Women’s Health formula, a nourishing blend for the reproductive system, and launched my own product range Sattva Botanicals™ in 2020. Today this range includes over 20 products from herbal powders, medicated oils, and spice mixes for cooking, all certified organic and sourced from sustainable growers in India.

Your Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Retreat at Parohe on Kawau is coming soon on 23-26 November. What will your guests be looking forward to?

This four day retreat features Ayurvedic treatments from our trained Ayurveda therapists, daily Yoga sessions, and dosha specific plant-based meals prepared by reputed LITTLE BIRD chef Gawain Cowley. All meals will be made following Ayurvedic cooking principles, incorporating seasonal and dosha-specific elements. As part of the programme, an Ayurvedic cooking class, a cleansing workshop, and educational talks about Ayurvedic topics will be offered.

Prior to the retreat, and as part of the package, an individual Ayurvedic consultation will be scheduled to address any health concerns and to establish an individualised retreat programme which includes Ayurvedic medicine, treatments, and your dosha specific diet.

During spare time, our guests can relax and enjoy the idyllic Parohe Island Retreat with native bush walks, paddleboarding, kayaking, sauna, an outdoor bath or simply reading a book.

A range of beautiful boutique accommodation options are available, offering a variety of price packages for the retreat, including your own private room, or the option for twin share.

What do you enjoy most about living in Ponsonby?

I love Ponsonby and adopted it as 'my hood' - it is diverse, colourful, buzzing with life and feels a little bit European to me. Having a selection of Yoga studios, health cafes, variety of restaurants and little shops, my hairdresser, lovely parks - all on my door step, and most importantly a kind and friendly community - the full package makes me feel at home.


For more information about Ayurveda New Zealand or the Spring Cleanse Retreat click here.