Ayurveda NZ Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda NZ Ayurvedic Consultation

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Your initial consultation with Ayurveda NZ will last approximately 75-90 minutes. We will be in touch to make a time, and send a short questionnaire for you to complete before your appointment.

Your health profile will be discussed and your individual constitution (dosha) will be assessed. Traditional Ayurvedic practices such as reading your pulse, tongue diagnosis, and an examination of your nails, skin, eyes, voice, gait and body structure will be incorporated.

Based on the Ayurvedic analysis a personal treatment plan will be designed which may include dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as herbal medicines and body therapies specific to your needs.

Choose a 30 min or 50 min Follow Up session 

Progress with your current treatment plan will be assessed when you visit Ayurveda NZ, and further recommendations implemented. Next steps will be discussed to enhance the healing process. 

Choose an Online Consultation

We would like to extend our services to those who are unable to come into the Ayurveda NZ Auckland clinic for a personal Ayurvedic consultation, or anyone not in New Zealand. Please contact us to book an online consultation with Ayurveda NZ. The session will take approximately 60 minutes.

We recommend using Skype to let us see each other during our consultation. If you do not currently use Skype it can be easily downloaded off the internet with no charge.