Ponsonby News: How the Power of Sattva can make you Calmer & Happier

One of the most effective ways to manage stress levels and to eliminate ingrained negative mental conditioning is to live a sattvic lifestyle. 

Sattva is one of the three universal energies or gunas in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit sattva means balance, harmony or light and represents both emotional intelligence and creative potential.  A person embodying sattvic energy is filled with kindness, compassion, empathy and love. They feel calm and balanced. A sattvic attitude helps us avoid toxicity in relationships, food and in our lifestyle choices - which ultimately leads to happiness.

Rajas, the second universal energy, generates activity, change and disturbance. It is mobile, excitable and pushes you off-centre, creating disintegration and imbalance.

Tamas, the third universal energy is immobile, still and heavy causing obstruction and lack of perception which leads to degeneration, delusion and confusion. 

All three gunas have important roles to play in nature, and interact to create a unique and harmonious flow - the circle of life. They are different aspects of one force unfolding to be mutually supportive and productive. Likewise, each person has sattvic, rajas and tamasic energies flowing within them and these levels fluctuate over time, to our benefit... or not!

The good news is that you can intentionally increase your sattvic energy to improve your mental, physical and emotional balance when life throws challenges your way. Anyone can begin to use Ayurvedic wisdom to manage their mental and physical resilience, and you can start today. 

Take these 5 initial steps to cultivating a sattvic life 

Be authentic

We can consciously regulate our relationships with others and how we conduct ourselves in the world. Following good moral principles and ethical values every day promotes a sattvic way of life.

Eat well

The food we eat directly impacts our spiritual awareness and consciousness. Ayurveda classifies food into sattvic, rajasic and tamasic groups depending on how they affect the mind.  

  • Sattvic food induces energy, mental clarity and alertness. Choose freshly prepared foods which are naturally grown, pure and free of toxins and pesticides. Prioritise fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts, grains, herbs and teas, mild spices and legumes. 
  • Rajasic food has hot, spicy and stimulating qualities, and can lead to stress and anxiety if you eat large amounts. Watch for onions, garlic, chilli, lemon, tomatoes, caffeinated teas, coffee, eggs and commercial condiments. 
  • Tamasic foods induce heaviness, sluggishness, lethargy and feeling mentally dull. Avoid eating meat, highly processed, preserved, tinned and junk food, leftovers, commercial cakes and pastries too often.

Move your body

Practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditation daily helps keep you calm and mentally at balance, and is wonderful for increasing sattvic energy. 

Step outside

Spending lots of time in nature swimming, walking and exercising while breathing in fresh clean air is a great way to boost your sattva levels. 

Detox daily

Flushing out toxins through daily Ayurvedic cleansing procedures such as tongue scraping, self-abhyanga massage, nasal rinse or oil pulling also helps to keep your body and mind in a sattvic state.

Many of those tips for a sattvic lifestyle will sound familiar, but we’re just touching the surface. If this resonates with you, book an Ayurvedic consultation, or come to one of our educational seminars.