"I had a consult with Sarita for peri-menopausal symptoms that I have started to experience over the last 12 months. The Sattva Botanicals herbs Sarita prescribed me have made a huge difference to my symptoms. My main issue was I used to get very sore breasts and extremely irritated and moody for 3-5 days before my period and it always had a significant effect on my moods and general happiness, and those around me. That pattern has resolved about 80% which is so massive. I was hoping for a bit of relief but didn't expect it to be so significant.When I bought the herbs I was hoping for a bit of relief but didn't expect it to be so significant. It is very reassuring to know that there is really something that can be done using herbal remedies rather than just coping (or not!). I hugely recommend these herbs for other woman who have not found relief elsewhere.
You can't imagine the surprise when my period arrived without me realising it was coming because I hadn't been feeling agitated for a week in advance. It is very reassuring to know that there is really something that can be done using herbal remedies rather than just coping (or not!).
Sarita also suggested a quite simple but what turned out to be a radical change in my daily eating plans. The change Sarita suggested has got rid of my IBS which has been a fantastic bonus and has led to much more steady energy levels.
Sarita brings an intelligence and a very professional approach that is so important in the growing field of natural medicines. I would thoroughly encourage anyone struggling with hormonal mood swings to give Ayurveda a try."
- Susan, Yoga teacher, Wanaka


"I recently attended a workshop given by Sarita on menopause and ways of dealing with symptoms using Ayurvedic principles. A huge amount of information was shared in the two hours, along with samples of herbs. I have used Ayurveda in the past, but it was so good to be guided back onto the path again!! A very worthwhile workshop. 
Following on from the workshop, I had a private consultation and found Sarita to be empathetic and ready to listen, and come up with practical solutions. A little bit of tough love was applied, but nothing I wasn't already aware of, and upon receipt of specific herbs I have found that my symptoms have abated considerably. I am so glad I had the consultation!"
- Sandra, Wanaka 


"I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to all women. It's such an important area of women's health and we need to engage with the subject and understand it more. Sarita is an engaging speaker and the workshop gives lots of helpful information and advice. Book and go."
- Jane Evan, Pilates teacher at Re:ab, Auckland


"When I met Sarita, I had been having hot night sweats for about a year. They can be very disruptive to sleep, and therefore affect the following day's enthusiasm. Sarita gave me a mixture of Women's Health herbs to take twice a day. After 10 days of these herbs I was now only having to control my temperature, but no sweats. I missed 4 days of taking the herbs and the sweats came back. Another week on the herbs and again, no sweats. So that was a testimonial to myself. Now my body seems to be in a better homeostasis, and I can skip taking the herbs so regularly. I enjoyed meeting Sarita very much ... she is a calm and caring listener , and has supported me by email (or phone / Skype if necessary) since our meeting at my first appointment. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarita and her knowledge of Ayurveda to anyone seeking to improve their health and well being."
- Lucy, mountaineer, Wanaka


"I thoroughly enjoyed attending one of Sarita’s Ayurveda Women’s Health workshops recently.  Sarita has a real depth of knowledge and a tangible passion for Ayurveda and the health benefits it can deliver.   Her workshop was informative and uplifting and I came away feeling much more energised and prepared for the years ahead. Her suggestions around how to achieve a fuller sense of personal wellbeing are practical and easily incorporated into daily routines.  Sarita herself has a very approachable and warm-hearted manner that you makes you feel completely at ease and able to ask questions without any self-consciousness. I will definitely be attending future Ayurveda workshops that Sarita holds and I will be recommending them to friends and family too."
- Danielle, Art Gallery consultant, Auckland


"Thank you so much for recommending Sattva Botanicals Women's Health Formula. I've been able to stop taking HRT without the return of dreaded night sweats, headaches, or memory fog. Amazing!"
- Verity Jade, Chief Operation Manager, Auckland


"Guess what - no hot flushes since 5 days after taking the Sattva Botanicals Women's Health formula!! Whoop whoop!"
- Louise, HR Manager, 


"I recently started taking Sattva Botanicals Womens Health Formula from Sarita just a few months ago and have found great results. I am turning 50 this year and have been going through peri menopause for some time now. I have tried several different supplements for my hot flashes , mood swings, and head aches for some time and none conquered my symptoms quicker and more efficient than the formula in which I was given. Each of us is different but, for me, it took only four to six weeks to feel the results of my formula. I will continue with this formula as it is effective and easy to manage with my daily diet. Thank you Sarita, I wish I knew about you earlier!"
- Chicken Rose, Business owner, Auckland


"I went to an ‘Ayurveda & Women’s Health' workshop with Sarita and came away feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to make changes to my way of life. It was an interesting, informative and insightful evening on the Ayurveda philosophy of which I knew nothing about. Sarita's warm, positive and nurturing way made me want to book a private consultation with her straight away.
I have since had that consultation and feel positive and enthusiastic about a healthier future. For me, it's not just about diet. It's the whole package - sleep, energy, skin, digestion... and essentially this is what Ayurveda is all about - it's a way of life that promotes healthy and happy living. I feel my treatment plan is totally achievable and look forward to making these gentle changes to my day to day living. In return I should have greater sleep, energy and healthier digestion. Thank you Sarita!”
- Anna Porter, mum of three, Auckland


"I couldn’t make Sarita’s workshop in Wanaka but something made me want to try and find out more about Ayurveda and my health. I luckily got a consultation with her before she left and it was so lovely to meet and talk for an hour about my changing premenopausal body and mind. I like how Ayurveda is linked to nature and we are all connected with the rhythm of the seasons. Sarita had some wonderful advice re diet and I am taking a Women’s Health herb formula that she puts together for me. I have been taking it for over a month and have really noticed a difference in my sleep patterns, moods and PMT symptoms. Much more than anything else I have tried. I am happy to have found this holistic approach to my health and I feel more ready to cope with my changing body. Sarita is full of good advice and knowledge and this ancient wisdom makes so much sense to me. Thank you so much for your help."
- Sarah, Wanaka


"I really enjoyed meeting Sarita when she was here in Wanaka. The workshop had a lot of great takeaways and was full of easy to understand information on women’s health and Ayurveda. I also had a consultation with Sarita while she was here. Sarita is personable, really easy to talk to and has a lot of knowledge in her field. The best thing is that the advice and takeaways she gives are easy to implement into your daily life straight away."
- Renee, Wanaka


“Since my initial consultation with Sarita I have gained a deeper understanding of my own nature through Ayurvedic philosophies, Shirodara treatments and private Yoga lessons. With warmth and wise guidance, Sarita has brought a sense of balance, healthy eating and discipline to my lifestyle, which is quite a feat since I am an artist with a history of having an "all or nothing" type attitude. Now I have more of a rhythm to my day, which works in well with the natural cycles of things and helps with my creativity and productivity. Sarita has given me incredible advice on how to care for my body, mind, soul and also relationships with people.
One key lesson from Sarita that stands out for me is that "we should enjoy our lives" meaning we should be balanced in our approach to healthy lifestyle changes and take small, sustainable steps. Knowing this makes incorporating ancient Ayurvedic principles a welcome addition to my lifestyle in today’s world.”
Sofia Minson, Artist


“The retreat experience that Nicole organised for me on Waiheke Island, provided me with a 'transformational experience' that enabled me to move away from the stresses of my life for two weeks, completely detoxify my body and mind, then go back to normal life with a renewed sense of physical and mental well being.
Nicole’s considerable experience and knowledge of natural healing, food and exercise practices, including therapeutic bodywork, allowed each day to be a rejuvenation of my mind, body and soul. She worked with me and tailored the day’s agenda to suite my personal needs dependent on my energy levels and mood.
The result, the feeling of well being that one could only expect to get from any such first class health retreat anywhere in the world, without having to travel to get the benefit and having the added benefit of Nicole’s personalised attention and care.
I am pleased to be able to highly recommend such an experience for those that value their mental and physical well being as highly as I do.”
Aaron Ridgway, CEO Datasquirt, Auckland


“My introduction to Ayurveda was made easy and positive with Sarita’s warm welcome at the front door. Comfort in her clinic and a real sense of her genuine willingness and understanding to help me. The step by step introduction was clear and Sarita’s explanations, stories and note taking opened the door for me.
The follow up assessment was a bonus and allowed me to envelope the Ayurvedic thinking into my daily life. Shirodhara is the best way to relax. Switch off. Enjoy. The smell, touch and temperature is a unique experience. Sarita is so careful and considered in her every move. I felt lighter (of stress) and few notches calmer when I left the therapy room.” -  Jane Oak, Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland


“I was diagnosed with gastritis in 2003 and was prescribed by my doctor losec and antibiotics for two weeks to kill the helicobactor pylori. In 2008 I had pain in my stomach and had helicobactor again with gastritis and after more tests small duodenal ulcers. The recommended treatment was more medication and increased doses of losec which I didn’t wish to take anymore.
I consulted with Nicole and was given herbal formulations to take. Within the first week the pain had reduced considerably. I continued taking the herbal medicines for 6 months and felt a steady improvement until I no longer felt it necessary to take them. I haven’t looked back!” - Marilyn, Auckland


“I was advised to see Sarita through an acquaintance at the most difficult and stressful period in my life, where I had huge amount of stress, restlessness, anxiety, fatigue, loss of energy and insomnia.
Sarita was very patient, professional and calm to listen to all that I had to say and gave me a detailed consultation for around 1 and half hours. She also suggested a treatment plan along with Yoga exercises and a detailed lifestyle plan to help me with my day to day life.
The Shirodhara treatment that Sarita performed on me relaxed me tremendously and made me very calm. After the treatment I felt as if my brain had a spring clean and is able to breathe fresh air and felt very light and relaxed. Sarita’s knowledge about Ayurveda treatments based on the imbalances that happen in a human body when explained made all the sense about the way I was feeling.
I can’t thank Sarita enough for being a God’s sent gift for me and literally gave me the help when I required it the most. One consultation with Sarita and her colleagues would get you addicted to them and their simplicity of a greater life. I wish her all the luck and thank her for being there when I needed help.” - Jaya Sehgal, Editor


“Nicole has amassed a vast range of skills that come together to provide her with a comprehensive array of complementary medicines and techniques. When you combine that with her intuitive healing abilities she is able to approach treatments and complex lifestyle issues from a very considered position. Nicole has very successfully treated me for a variety of ailments over the years she is a blessing and a godsend.” - Deidre Smith, Albany


“Sarita created a specific yoga practice I could do in my own home during my second pregnancy. Her warm and open teaching style made me feel comfortable and relaxed - I didn’t want the session to end! The breathing techniques, postures and relaxation leave me feeling energised and calm. Reducing stress and tiredness have also been benefits gained from the practice - all important leading up to labour.” - Katie Stenhouse, Central Auckland Parents Centre


“The last shirodhara was absolutely amazing! I followed your instructions and afterwards read quietly for an hour then went straight to sleep - and was in the deepest state of relaxation I can ever remember. It also seemed easier to access that state of relaxation for the rest of the week...” - Marianne, Auckland


“After learning about my constitution and implementing some of the lifestyle changes recommended by Sarita I have found myself to be much more energetic, balanced and emotionally grounded. Generally I feel easier in my own body. I found Sarita to be very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I highly recommend ayurvedic practice.” - Tim Gittins, Teacher, Auckland


“I was very fortunate to have met Nicole around the time I initially starting looking for an Ayurveda retreat. I felt immediately blessed with my first telephone call with Nicole and knew instantly that I was in safe and knowledgeable hands and within weeks we were travelling together to the ancient land of healing. After my two months at Surya Ayurveda I have gained a deeper understanding of the principles, intricacies and the power of Ayurveda and consequently came away with a whole new direction to my life.
I had an initial consultation with Dr Nambi, a renowned Ayurvedic doctor in Kerala and a comprehensive prescription was written outlining all the treatments and medicines that were to follow during my two months at Surya. From that point on my first three weeks were defined by very regular daily activities revolving entirely around my prescribed treatments and medicines which I integrated with my own activities. Total immersion allowed myself to take a very clear look and gain an understanding of my imbalances. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses with my mind, body and spiritual connections and their innate power.
Surya is a wonderful environment to facilitate healing. Those working there exude warmth, compassion, strength in their profession and the feeling is that of an extended family. The local environment is of a pleasant, quiet village type. My walks took me along rural lanes surrounded by rice paddy fields, coconut and banana groves and wonderful smells of flowering jasmines and frangipani.
I am so grateful to Nicole for her remarkable intuition, her comprehensive and passionate understanding and belief of Ayurveda and above all her dedication and love she shared with me during a very low period of my life. I whole-heartedly recommend Surya as a remarkable place to heal and am very happy to speak with anyone who may be contemplating travelling there for treatment.” - Anna Archibald, Hawkes Bay


“I would like to express my thanks to Sarita who has acted as my Ayurvedic practitioner over the last month. Sarita has been such a pleasure to deal with. She has listened carefully and compassionately during our consultations and provided me with expert advice and guidance with regard to my health issues. She has conducted herself with a very high level of professionalism and at the same time warmth, humour and understanding. Nothing is too much trouble and I have felt completely taken care of. The treatment that she has recommended is already having a significant impact for the better and I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone looking for an Ayurvedic health practitioner, in fact I have already, and that person is very happy with her consultations also. I know she is going to be immensely successful in her chosen vocation.” - Sarah La Touche, June 2009, Waiheke Island


“Nicole has a unique ability in making all her treatments special and personalised; she is able to tune into where you are at and respond accordingly. She brings not only her intuitive gifts but also her in-depth experience and knowledge within the holistic domain. I can only begin to imagine the potential that she has to offer others in her healing gifts and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” - Charissa Snijders, Waiheke Island


“I am a fairly recent client of Sarita, having had only 3 consultations with her, however I find it difficult to believe that she is still a student. Her manner and presentation is entirely professional, friendly, serious, she is timely, gives her advice freely and knowledgeably and is not afraid to seek the support of mentors and tutors in her commitment to give her client the best possible advice. It is still early days to be able to say whether all her recommendations are working - the Neti pot certainly is - but the Auyurvedic herbs and remedies will need a bit more time before I can report that they are being effective. If some adjustment is required, I am confident that Sarita will be able to make the adjustments as necessary. The most certain testimonial I can give is to say that Sarita is an obvious example of the philosophies and practices that she offers her clients. She positively glows good health.” - Denis La Touche, June 2009, Waiheke Island


“After feeling burned out mentally and physically a few years ago I regained my strength in the four weeks ayurvedic therapy under the supervision of Dr. Nambi in Kerala. The specific treatments were adjusted to my equivalent type of body and mind. I felt more powerful, not so tired anymore. The effect swang in a couple of months later and sustained a long time. I can warmly recommend the treatment!” - Andreas Fuchs, Germany


“I consulted Sarita on the recommendation of a friend, on the off chance (I thought) that ayurveda might do me some good. Sarita’s professionalism, her explanations of key principles of ayurveda and her ability to adapt treatment suggestions to fit around my needs assuaged some of my initial scepticism about the value such treatment could have for me. One therapy in particular has proven to be very effective. Sarita’s yoga instruction helped me make gains in flexibility without risking injury, and the regular appointments both kept me on track and provided welcome mental breaks during busy weeks. I would absolutely recommend Sarita’s ayurveda and yoga services to anyone who wants to try ayurveda as a complementary treatment system or to learn or progress with yoga.” - Florian Burch, ASB


“I found juggling work and family commitments to be quite a challenge. It did not help that I had a string of bad colds, starting off with terrible sore throats and the feeling of weakness. As I was breastfeeding my youngest child I could not take any conventional medicine to alleviate the cold symptoms. Instead, Sarita supplied me with Ayurveda herbs that strengthened my immune system and were not only safe for breastfeeding but aided lactation. I still do get the odd cold but get over it very quickly. Amazingly, I have never had a sore throat again, a condition I've suffered from all my life.” - Full-time working Mum of two children under the age of three, West Auckland