Chef Tracey Bennett

Tracey is a self-educated plant-based wholefood chef who is passionate about creating, enjoying and sharing delicious and nourishing plant-based food with others.  As a working mother of 4 (and a young grandmother to 3 with another on the way) Tracey knows just how important it is to create simple, healthy meals that taste fantastic and don’t demand too much of your time.   

Tracey developed over 300 delicious plant-based recipes for the online programme ‘thelifeplan’ that was created over 10 years ago by her and her husband Jason Shon Bennett, best-selling author, health researcher and international speaker. These have been used and are still being enjoyed by over 1000 people who have completed ‘thelifeplan.

 Testimonial from Kara-Leah Grant, Tantra teacher, presenter, author: ‘I hired Tracey Bennett, aka The Reckless Foodie to cater for a five day residential Tantra Training. The food was outstanding, she delivered a wonderful variety of nourishing food, beautifully presented, and her presence in the kitchen and in the house was warm, energising and supportive. Everybody loved the food, and each meal turned into an event’