Kiwi fundraiser for Keralan Family in India

Namaskaram (hello) from Kerala in Southern India,

I would like to introduce to you Rema, our dedicated treatment therapist at Surya Ayurvedic Retreat of the last 8 years.  She is a beautiful robust woman, with an infectious smile and a caring heart.  She is a mother of two and the predominant earner in her family.  During my stay at the retreat Rema also integrated me into her family. 

Last April I was fortunate enough to be under the watchful eye and caring hands of Rema throughout my treatment and for two months she took care of another fellow New Zealander with such commitment – This is definitely not a typical 9-5 job but a full-time live in role when there are patients to tend to. Making family visits very sporadic especially when their homes are far away 

Upon my recent return I was saddened to hear that Remas 13 year old son Vivek – was in hospital with the possible diagnosis of tuberculosis.  As the days passed and more tests were done TB was not  the cause of his ailment but another bacteria. The treatment of 3 injections per day of medication (antibiotics) for 10 days was prescribed by the hospital doctors.  The medicine cost per day is 1500INR which equates to $50NZ for one day.  Which is expensive even for us!!  He has now had two rounds of 10 day medication and has been in and out of hospital  This is approximately $1000.00. The medicine cost is so disproportionate to Remas earning capacity that I can’t imagine how it will be paid off.  Compounded by the days off work sitting by her son’s side. Medical insurance is not common here. 

Which brings me to the question – how can we help?  In this instance I feel that we can make a  significant difference to one family’s wellbeing through financial support at this time.  If we each donated a small amount towards the cost of the medicine then together we could reduce or eliminate the debt.   So it is with this in mind that I call on all friends and family of Ayurveda New Zealand to please help us raise $1000.00 to give to Rema for her sons treatment which is still on going – Ayurvedic medicine will also be supporting his recovery.  I am certain that we can do it and I already have a contribution of $100 to start us off from a friend who will be joining us at Surya shortly for some Ayurvedic treatment.  I hope to be able to present Rema with the raised funds before I leave India in December.  This is the beginning of our desire to make a difference where and when we can. 

If you would like to make a donation, any amount will be gratefully received. Please contact Sarita or Nicole at or call Sarita  (09) 5503311 and we will forward payment details to you.  

With love and blessings


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